June 22, 2013 by Craig William Spencer

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  1. Anne Spencer McGrath says:

    I registered. The site recognizes me as Anne Spencer McGrath in the top bar over to the right, but I can’t, for the life of me, get on the site to pay. I’d like a 3 year membership, but again, I just can’t find PayPal. I viewed the video, but nowhere do I find PayPal to register. Help, please.

  2. Sue Spencer says:

    I am still having a lot of difficulty with the web site. It allows me to sign in, but most links do not work. Am I still able to use the Library. Is there something else I need to do?
    Sue Spencer . srspencer@earthlink.net

  3. Beverly Spencer says:

    I would like to renew my membership, but none of the options to do so are currently working.

  4. Frederick Spencer says:

    How can I send a change of address? Everything seems too quiet and several links no longer are working……

  5. Kelly T says:

    Is it still possible to become a member? I am registered and logged in, yet there isn’t a paypal option for membership anywhere. Thanks so much!

  6. clydette spencer says:

    is there any other way be a member for 1 year with out paypal

  7. Derek Spencer says:

    Hello. I have recently found your site whilst researching my family albeit a bit late at 66 and my parents died some time ago. As far as I know, my family came from Devon England and I have traced back to William Spencer born 1796. I have gone further but some missing information does not prove the line. Looking forward,The family with the exception of Frederick Leopold emigrated to Canada some time after the 1911 census but probably before 1919 when Fred got married. The family were living in Montreal (344 desmarches Blvd) when I was young but this does not appear to be a valid postal address now. Do you have any members from or living in England? I have quite a bit of information which may help others. Kind regards Derek Spencer

  8. Gardner Spencer says:

    How far back do you want to go? Have you checked the Library?
    Gardner Spencer

  9. Brigg Lewis says:

    are there any copies of the le Despencer quarterly historical journal available to purchase? I am missing several of the older volumes.

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