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The Spencer Historical and Genealogical Society, Inc. (SHGS) was originally founded in 1978 as the Spencer Family Association with a nucleus of 38 Charter Members. The Association was renamed in 1990. Current SHGS members descend from many different Spencer lines and reside in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Canada, England, Denmark, New Zealand, Australia, and the West Indies.

The objective of the Society is to encourage research and permanent recording of Spencer family history and that of collateral family lines. To meet this objective, the SHGS maintains a Library of books and papers relating to various Spencer families. SHGS members have authored manuscripts and books about Spencer families, and these are in our Library and in the Library of Congress. Also available are the periodical journals, the Le Despencer, which contains Spencer genealogical articles, editorial comments, and past announcements. All of these, PDF documents, are available to members, for view and/or download, via the main menu, Library tab, Publications and Le Despencer links. The SPENCER DNA Project was begun in 2001, and has proven to be a valuable tool to researchers attempting to prove their Spencer lineage. The Society also maintains a computerized database, currently containing over 165,000 individuals and 61,000 families of Spencer descendants which were submitted by members and from other sources. It is continuously increasing, and members may request information on their lineage from the database. The DNA Project and the SHGS Database are moderated by the SHGS Database Manager.

The SHGS holds a Reunion every two years in a different part of the country offering members an opportunity to visit places of genealogical interest and to hear speakers on subjects of interest to members. Reunions have been held in Spencer IN, Ft. Wayne IN, Albany NY, Haddam/East Haddam CT, Lexington KY, Salt Lake City UT, Williamsburg VA, Charlotte NC, Geneva OH, Grapevine TX, St. Louis MO, Franklin TN, Valley Forge PA, Portsmouth, NH, and Spencer, VA.

Society business is conducted by an elected Board of Directors and a dedicated volunteer staff. The officers and staff do not do research for members, but some information and informal assistance can often be provided on request by submitting blog comments via the Comments area under the page or post content. These Comment areas are moderated by a volunteer members, who will be notified if their Post has a comment.  Members are encouraged to exchange information with other members, and submit articles for publication via the le Despencer Comments area.

We invite any Spencer descendant, or anyone researching the Spencer surname (including variant spellings), to join SHGS. For further questions, feel free to use the President’s Blog Comments area.

This is a new RESOURCE site that has been developed to help folks with their quest for understanding of where they fit on the SPENCER Family Tree. The goal of the site is to provide a social media approach to obtaining information.

If you are new to this concept, you might want to click the link below:
Here is a video that explains, in layman’s terms, what a Blog Site is.

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To use the blogging service and access to other site data repositories you are asked to become an SHGS member and register.

To get started you might first view the blog archives or the latest Blog topics. In this way you may find a contact or contacts that my have information that will help you move your research progress forward.

If you wish to open a discussion or provide assistance to others, get involved in the current Member Blogs or start a new chain of your own.

We sincerely hope you find the site a tool that will lead you to realizing your genealogical quest.

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