2014 Reunion – Great Food, Great Times, Great Cousins!

East Haddam Settlers

The 2014 Reunion has come to a close. We enjoyed great company with new members, new reunion attendees, veteran reunion attendees and members. The reunion took us to historic locations…some well established, some well hidden! Check out the Events tab to see a recap of the reunion.

In the meantime, if you are interested in attending in 2016, we ask that you provide input for our planning by filling out this short survey.

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  1. Margaret Hangley says:


    I’ve recently learned that I descend from Agnes Harris Spencer and her husband, William Spencer via my father’s line and I’m curious to know if your society is still running as I’m only seeing posts from 2014/2015. I’d like to know if your organization is still active before I submit payment for membership. If someone would reach out to me to confirm, I’d appreciate it. You can reach me here, I guess, or more preferably at my personal email –

    Thanks so much! I look forward to hearing from someone soon as I’m quite interested in learning more about my Spencer family.


    Margaret (aka “Midge”)

  2. Joan Knapp says:

    Wondering if this is part of my heritage? My great grandfather was George A Spencer of Ct his daughter Mildred Spencer of Ct. Vt. and MA was my grandmother. What does the DNA cost to do? Can I find out if I am part of your group?
    Thank you,
    Joan Knapp

  3. Donald Bellew says:

    I joined for 3 years some time ago , was especially interested in library items that could be
    purchased and / or borrowed . Between wife with terminal cancer and changes at SHGS I
    lost touch . Think I’m interested in being a member again , but would like to know status
    of library today – items still available for purchase or loan ?
    Donald Bellew

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