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Access is limited to viewing, only:
  • view the “Home” and “About SHGS” pages as well as the Main Menu titles. This will give you a very limited overview of the site.


VISITOR ( Free Subscription )
This level offers you an opportunity to get a higher level overview of what is  offered to our members by:
  • viewing descriptions of all areas of the site.
  • viewing Getting Started videos in the Video Showcase widget (at the bottom right of the page)
  • Try your hand at Blogging by having access to the “Help Blog”. Here you can view comments left by others as well as leaving your own comments (ask a question, reply to comments, suggestions for the site, etc.). The webmaster moderates this blog and will respond to question comments.
  • View and make comments in the “Testimonials” Blog ( this is a sub Post under “Help Blog”.
However, you will not be able to download items that are available only to our members. Also not included, is the process to participate in the Spencer Member Blogs.
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As a member you will enjoy all of what the site has to offer. We look forward to communicating with you via the Blogs and perhaps meeting you at our next reunion.The success of the site will only be as successful as you are in achieving your research goals and satisfaction in belonging to a community of Spencer cousins. Please provide any insights, via the Blogs, you have that might help other members as well.
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